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Come back (with) Kid

Ok, so I have been gone long long time. Yes almost for 14 months. So long that hibernation also wont suffice to describe!
But I do have couple good reasons.
I have a brand new (not so much brand new anymore – 6 months old more like it), baby boy. Of these 14 months, I was nausea loaded for the good part of 7 months. Of course I did eat oodles of sweets as I craved them, but for the most part of it, site smell and mention of food had me make a dash to bathroom. So keeping up with my posts wasnt even an option.
And I havent cooked more than may be 10 times in all these months. No I havent been eating out and no my hubby dear hasn’t suddenly become Bobby Flay. I have simply been luckily blessed to have my mom live with me and take care of us 🙂

After I had my son, I thought of starting back on posts everyday. Well yes of course, even if I succeed in my persuasion of my mom staying with us for a while longer, I will ultimately need to document all those yummy stuff that she has been making. But man o man, being a mom is so much demanding. I didnt know between my son and work I wouldnt have time for anything! I cant refrain from everything else with that excuse. And if I did I wouldnt even measure half as good as my mom and my sis ;). So I bravely decided that I will get back to posting recipes may be at least once a week and keep up with my goal of preserving my delectable memories.
All those known and unknown visitors and emails have also encouraged me to get back to posting and I do sincerely hope I will be more active in this blogsphere.

That said, I will be back shortly with a recipe post. 🙂


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